Clog Dance and Gavotte (Page 28 & 29)

It was a real full day today and running in & out of post office to finish shipments pending from last week before Christmas, as France closed border to England and Ireland, and opens today, and this week.

As we are in tier 4 of the current infection rate, how lovely šŸ’‹ I missed my lesson with Mrs. Mills 2 weeks now and she insists on me practising by myself, it does not matter how bad it sounds; yes here I am. I have my lesson every Tuesday. I just wish one day Mrs Mills will have a tablet or small computer so she can see my youtube uploads and gives me advice. However I doubt that very much, her beautiful home does not even have internet.

The soft line above the bars is for vocalist to sing smoothly without breath break, as well as myself to play gently, don’t really know when I manage smoothly, I seem to bash each note as if the physical keys are made from metal šŸ˜­. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes šŸ’•

I am grateful and thank full that I am still earning however little from my shops and that my family is well and safe and happy. All the Best to EVERYONE and a Very šŸ„³ Happy New Year šŸ„³ und einen guten Rutsch šŸ˜ƒ


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