Friday 15th January 2021 – Shipment

Spontaneous and never prepare any thing well in advance that was me today. After yoga class in the morning I suddenly have a real pang of panic due to the ever increasing of infection rates in England and the constant bombardment of emails from various platforms, of which I sell my products, with regard to tax, custom paperworks and the constant update of various policies from courier companies.

This recording is done out of panic and I could not even speak properly here, mixing up customer and custom, millimetres and millilitres, repeating myself like a polly parrot; I was carried away speaking to myself and did not realise my computer screen or whatever the camera scrambled and frozen for 7 minutes (04:36-11:28) and audio was playing my favourite Bolero, onto my keyboard practise and yoga practice – how wonderful. Anyway, it is done now and I don’t know how to edit any of my mini video. (correction: custom, not customer, and customer not custom, online portal, not online business hanging)

I logged onto the courier portal and have the shipment with the express picked up after I was off the recording; all went well and they were picked up after lunch, because of my feeling that this is probably my last shipment from England, I decided to do this recording, and I am working and packing all up and heading back to Germany. That would be my safer bet at the moment with regard tax, as I am still registered in Germany. I lost my job before the corona fiasco due to my workaholic, travellaholic ( I travelled non-stop between England, Spain and Germany), having lost my job gave me the freedom to travel, then the lock-down curtain dropped, and now heading back where I started – what a pattern! Will look for flight and test tomorrow 😊 the negative test result must be less than 48hrs before boarding.

Shipped my whole shop to England was easier as Britain was still in the EU, but now I have a real challenge/headache and lots of paperwork to fill in – That is the greeting of 2021 – we all have to be resilient and adapt to all changes if we are to survive and thrive well.

Good night and have a wonderful weekend to all my lovely clients, the forecast showing snow tomorrow ❄️ ⛄️ 💕 😊


Published by reefgekko

I am on an ultimate digital journey life style, being my own boss and becoming an entrepreneur is very exciting and creative way to invest on myself.

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