In searching for something out of the ordinary for my partner I came across Cell Food Supplements from Dr. Sebi. There is a lot of truth in his messages of healing and again I don’t believe people kicked a dead-dog! You have to read up about this wonderful man Dr Sebi. I will link his cell food site at the end of the article. One thing that strikes me instantly with Dr Sebi is FASTING. I fast regularly out of habits. I feel good and energetic, as I have done it for years, just because I like it. I would fast either on Saturday, or Sunday whenever it suits me on a monthly and weekly basis. I would seasonal fasting to celebrate New Year or to greet new season; however, this life style of mine is not everyone’s cup of tea, and therefore I am not a very good sociable creature, as I look at life perspective differently. I watch what I eat to nourish my gorgeous body, love reading, swimming, martial art, yoga, hiking . . . . . . . I love living my life here and now and care little of what other people think of me and having difficulty putting on weight!

Note on shipping policy

All prices include international economy shipping either from Germany or Great Britain and it takes an average 3 weeks to be delivered worldwide. Clients wishing to have international tracking number can pay additional fee €6 on top when checking out and leave me a note for international tracking number requested & paid. With regard to returning item, as these product are mainly food supplement, returning is not acceptable. Clients can request order cancellation before shipment. Any further inquiry please drop me a line via email or with WhatsApp to my mobile +447366683504 🙏

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★★★★★ – Chelation 2

This product is simply the best health supplement I have ever taken. I have using it for less than six months now and it has relieve me of multiple health issues. One issue I was struggling with for almost 10 years was my left shoulder that I injured after sledding and falling on a patch of slippery black ice on the sidewalk. Even earlier on this winter actually days ago before receiving my latest shipment I was experiencing agonizing shoulder pain. So after I got the latest supply I decided to increase my dosage and that did it. NO more pain.

Customer on 23 Feb 2020

★★★★★ – Lymphalin

Love Reefs products! Their amazing and work wonders! Even better when paired with the alkaline diet!

Ashley on 27 Sep 2019

★★★★★ – Eva Salve

I occasionally break out with Exfoliative Keratolysis (EK) on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. This healing salve works miraculously within one day and removes any signs of the break out. I would totally recommend it to anyone that should need it. Thanks! 🙂

Nicole on 27 Jan 2020

★★★★★ – Testosterone Booster

Loveeeed this! Been looking for a replacement to Dr. Sebi’s products since his shop changed the formula which to me spells compromised and this is fantastic! I tried other sources like one of Dr. Sebi’s wives and she scammed me out of one of the products so in turn I didn’t want to do business within his family any further since his passing. Just like how Dr. Sebi would have made it to PERFECTION! That’s all I really asked for in his products. You have to realize there are others out there as well who are just like him and she is that. Look forward to more of your products as I get this amazing feeling back 🙂

Andrew on 16 Jul 2018

★★★★ – Immune System Booster

I love this product. I had a problem with my sinus draining, and I kept mucous in my throat. the first day of using this product I felt the difference. I no longer have that drainage or mucous. And I sleep so much better because of this product. I will continue to order this product. Thank you Core Health& Inner Beauty.

Nannette on 27 April 2019

★★★★★ – Oestrogen Booster

I definitely see that it helps with my sex drive and everything thing else is kinda hard to tell if it’s working but I’m pretty sure it is. Thumbs up 😌

Karessa 27 Jul 2019

★★★★★ – Tooth Powder

I will be a returning customer, my teeth feel great even when I eat bad food from time to time

Masocoeur on 6 May 2019

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