Dietary Supplement Chelation 2

CHELATION 2 is made with the ingredients of Dr Sebi Cell Food’s CHELATION 2 ( to detox the mucus membranes in the body. It removes toxins, acids and mucus while providing mineral nourishment during the cleansing process. It increases the bowl movement between 3-6 times daily.


Cascara Sagrada, Prodigiosa, Pao Pereira & Rhubarb in 40%-54% organic sugar cane alcohol  and dried herbs/menstruum ratio 1:5 (100ml & 250ml) made May 2022 with expiry date April 2027. 

100ml Chelation 2 Tincture


250ml Chelation 2 Tincture


1 Month Supply Chelation 2 Capsules


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